Delivery Fee

Our delivery starts at only $7.99! The farther the restaurant from your location, the higher the fee.  No additional service fees, No gas fees, No hidden costs!

Delivery Time

Plan your meals ahead of time. Want to order dinner before you leave the office and have it at your home when you get home?  No problem! Or maybe you would like to order tomorrow’s lunch tonight and have it delivered to work? Easy and affordable, that’s the Good To Go way! Average Delivery Time is 45-60mins.

Our Restaurants

Good To Go delivers and caters from over 20 of Guam's most popular restaurants!.  Good To Go gives you the choice of over 20 restaurants, including American, Japanese, Filipino, Thai, Italian, Chamorro, and Vietnamese cuisine.

Office Lunches

Browse our restaurant partner menus.  Then either order online or call us at 671-300-7890.

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You can also order by phone

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